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How To Schedule Your Health Screening

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Female Health Screening [Extensive Package]





1. Consultation and counselling

  • Assessment of general health/ risk factors for any diseases
  • Vital signs/ Waist circumference/ BMI and physical examination + breast + pelvic examination
  • Visual acuity/ colour vision 4. Lifestyle counselling
  • Review of medical report
  • Vaccination assessment and counselling


2. Investigations

Executive profile (DRXC)

Full blood count (FBC) 

Blood group 

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) 

Full blood picture 

Renal function tests

Uric acid 

Fasting blood glucose 

Liver function tests 

Lipid profile 


Thyroid stimulating hormone VDRL/TPHA(Syphilis) 

Hepatitis B screening 

HIV screening 

Rheumatoid factor 

3. Pap smear (Liquid cytology)


4. Resting ECG

5. Chest X-Ray

6. USG Breast (Includes specialist reporting)


7. USG Abdomen and Pelvis (Includes specialist reporting)


*Optional add-on:

  • HPV Primary screening (HPVLBC) (additional: RM 160.00)
  • Tumour markers profile A (TM12) (additional: RM358.00) 
    Includes: AFP/Beta-HCG/Ca 125/Ca 15-3/Ca 19-9/ CEA

Female Health Screening [Extensive Package]

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